All Sessions in the Saratoga Ballroom (Salons 2 & 3), unless specified.


9:00-9:30 Introductions and Welcome - Jim Funaro

9:30-11:00 Symposium 1 - Education for the Future: To Lead Out

Gabriel Rshaid - "Why Space?"

Larry Payne - "A Globalnet Project"

Juanita Ryan - "Elementary School Science: A Personal Perspective"

Don Scott - "Educating the Mars Kids"

Panel: Jim Funaro, Al Harrison, Chris McKay, Daryl Rasmussen, Michael Sims

11:00-12:00 Symposium 2 - Extraterrestrial Perspectives

Doug Raybeck - "Me, Thee And ET"

Seth Shostak - "The Lifetime of Intelligent Civilizations"

1:00-2:00 COTI: Building The World - Poul Anderson & Chris McKay

2:00-3:00 COTI: Building The Alien - Mal Cohen & Chris McKay

3:00--5:00 Team Work Sessions (open for public observation)

3:00-5:00 Educators for the Future - Discussion Session (Saratoga 1)

7:00-8:00 Reception - No Host Bar (Atrium)

8:00-9:30 Symposium 3 - NASA on Mars: Pathfinder and Beyond

Panel: Ted Blackmon, Joel Hagen, Larry Lemke, Daryl Rasmussen, Michael Sims, Carol Stoker


9:00-10:30 Symposium 4- Making Contact In Digital Space

Bruce Damer & Joel Hagen - "Contact on the Shores of the Cambrian Explosion"

Charles Ostman - "Synthetic Sentience as a Strategic Resource"

10:30-12:00 Symposium 5 - Metalaw: Ethics for ETs, AIs and Us

Bob Tyzzer - "Metalaw Revisted"

Panel: Pedro Coelho, Jim Funaro, Lyn Miles, Jim Moore, Gerald Nordley, Allen Tough, Michael Sims

1:00-2:00 COTI: The Culture - Jim Funaro & Doug Raybeck

2:00-3:00 COTI: The Contact - Jim Funaro & Jim Moore

3:00-5:00 Team Work Sessions (open for public observation)

3:00-5:00 NASA Educators' Workshop - Exploring Mars (Saratoga 1)

Evening - Banquet and Keynote Address - Joel Hagen

"Connecting: A Personal Journey"


9:00-10:30 Symposium 6 - Cyberspace and Outer Space

Allen Tough - "Inviting ETI to Make Contact"

Poul Anderson - "The Interstellar Internet"

Karen Anderson - "Tea as a Model for Interstellar Trade"

10:30-12:00 Symposium 7 - Past, Present and Future

Jim Funaro - "The Humans Must Be Crazy"

Dave Brody - "Searching for Terrestrial Intelligence - a Producer's Quest"

Al Harrison - "Realities, Visions And Dreams - Science Fiction Shapes Science"

1:00-3:00 COTI: Contact!

A Wrinkle in Time - Carmel · Art Gallery - Saratoga 1 · SolSys - Monterey


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