Space and Time Warps
Blue Öyster Mushroom Cult
Total Running Time: 1:18

Canon Hack Development Kit

Digital Time-Lapsed Blue Oyster Mushrooms set to a downloaded MIDI file of "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by the Blue Öyster Cult. This is the first project done completely in camera with the help of the "Canon Hack Development Kit," CHDK, an incredible gift from the Canon gods. Well, at least for those of us "blessed" with a select range of the PowerShot series.

What is CHDK? CHDK is a unique software application developed by enthusiasts that enables extra features for ported Canon® Powershot™ cameras. What can it do? CHDK enhances the capabilities of your camera in a non-destructive, non-permanent way. After loading CHDK, your camera will have extra functionality. Including, as it turns out, an onboard BASIC interpriter that runs simple programs, like intervelometers for Time-Lapse.

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