For Sale: CONTACT Gear!
FLASH: A brand new MILLENNIUM T-shirt was unveiled at CONTACT 2000!

CONTACT Fashion Statements:
Classic T-Shirt $15.00
CONTACT Publications:
Conversations from the Net XIV/97 $5.00
Proceedings CONTACT XIII/96 $5.00
Proceedings CONTACT XII/95 $5.00
Proceedings CONTACT V/1988
(unedited, 1 left)
Proceedings CONTACT IV/87
(unedited, 2 left)
Proceedings CONTACT III/85 & IV/87
(unedited, 3 left)
Proceedings CONTACT III/85
(unedited, 1 left)
2020 Vision IV/87
(2 left)
Funaro's "Anthropology for the Future" reader $5.00
For CONTACT Collectors:
We still have a few posters left from the original CONTACT
conference of 1983 held in Santa Cruz, California. Designed
by Joel Hagen and Pamela Lee. (unmounted, 22"x17")

To purchase: Send checks made out to "CONTACT" to:

A Wrinkle in Time
8908 Big Plantation - Las Vegas, NV 89143
Phone: (702) 249-6218 - Shawn Blanchette

Please Include $3.00 for shipping and handling.

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