Program Schedule

Please note: This was the planned schedule for our cancelled April 2020 dates.

9:30 Jim Funaro Welcome to CONTACT 2020
10:00 Don Scott The Ranger and the Astronaut - Introduction
10:30 Jay Cole The Ranger and the Astronaut - The Impact of Science Fiction on Public Opinion
11:00 Bruce Damer The Ranger and the Astronaut - Practicing Science in a National Park
11:30 Bruce Damer The Quest for the Origin of Life on Earth, Mars and elsewhere in the Universe
12:00 LUNCH
1:30 Gus Frederick Looking Backward - Twenty Years After What Could Have Been
2:00 Melanie Swan Quantum Computing, Black Holes, and the Problem of Time
2:30 Robert Zubrin Artificial Singularity Power: A Basis for Developing and Detecting Advanced Spacefaring Civilizations
3:00 Michael Sims et al Next Stop the Stars - well, at least the planets!
3:30 BREAK
4:00 David P. Miller Stereo vs. 3D for Teleoperation in Space
4:30 Zac Zimmer Firstness as Knot: The Entanglements of Contact and Colonialism
5:00 Nora Bateson Warm Data
5:30 DINNER on your own
8:30 Art Gallery Reception & Wine Tasting
AFTER Gathering
9:00 Kelly Smith Is Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) Ethical? Implications of Informed Consent and Public Opinion
9:30 Douglas Raybeck Likely Sensory Receptors of Extraterrestrials
10:00 William Clancey What Can We Learn from the Octopus about the Nature of Intelligence and its Evolution?
10:30 Jim Funaro Outside the Box: Musings on the Worlds of Perception
11:00 Carlo Séquin Geometrical Conversation Pieces in ET Contact
11:30 Seth Shostak A Better Way to Find E.T.?
12:00 LUNCH
1:30 Chris McKay et al Human Exploration of the Entire Solar System
2:30 Penelope J. Boston Transport of Biosignatures and Life Across the Solar System and Beyond
3:00 David Morrison What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?
3:30 BREAK
4:00 Steve McDaniel Fix Earth or Fix Mars...Why Not Both?
4:30 Joel Hagen I know who I am... I’m not so sure about you
5:00 Nora Bateson Warm Data II
8:30 KEYNOTE: Andrew Fraknoi Inspiration from the Cosmos: Music, Astronomy, and Popular Culture
AFTER Socializing in Hospitality Room
10:00 Keith Doyle Mars and Space Themes in Board Games
10:30 Jeroen Lapré Maelstrom II and Exoplanets
11:00 Michael Waltemathe Biocentric Perspectives and Biodiversity in Space Exploration. Religious and theological aspects of our relation to possible environments
12:00 LUNCH
1:00 Barr, Nordley and Read Epona Returns
2:30 Israel Zuckerman: Coordinator Contact!
3:30 Jim Funaro Closing Remarks and Discussion